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Registration is now closed and all accounts have been removed and deleted.

Registration Closed 8 months ago

Challenge ban has now been added to prevent you from racing too much, just like Casino Ban, it will ban you for 2 weeks. Both can also now be removed from the Points page. Happy Racing.

Challenge Ban & Point Options 11 months ago

Jail NPC can appear from time to time. Giving everyone the chance to get some busts also they will be jail for a while. Happy racing.

Jail NPCs 11 months ago

Starting this Sunday, the lottery will being to rollover the amount of money put in. There is a chance no one will win anything, upon this chance, the lottery prize pot will be brought across. Happy racing!

Lottery 11 months ago

World stats has had a well timed update. More information about the game economy, vehicles have been added. Blacklists have also had a small change, blacklists now require a minimum amount to be registered as a participant of the round, don't worry these are very minimal. Happy racing!

World Stats & Blacklists 11 months ago

Car dealership has now been redesigned. Now has an accordion style collapse panels which contain all the cars for each of the manufacturers. Happy racing.

Car Dealership 11 months ago

I have added the renown race to the Challenges page, along with moving the creation of challenges into its own dialog. Happy racing!

Renown Race 11 months ago

All cars now come with Stock level tyres. Each level will reduce the amount of wear a set of tyres will receive through the events and activities you use it in. Tyre Shops will become a property in which you are able to earn money from them. Happy racing.

Tyre Shops & Tyre Wear 11 months ago

For all you racerz that get stuck in Jail, why not attempt to bust yourself out. Happy racing!

Bust Out 11 months ago

Now everyone who logs in will be rewarded. Everyday you will receive £750,000, every week you will receive 25 points, every 2 weeks you will receive 5 days double renown, every 3 weeks you will receive 150 points, and last but not least every 50 days, you will receive an exclusive token. 👍 It really couldn't be that simpler. Happy racing.

Logging In 11 months ago